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Closure of the Centre for Advanced Engineering  (June 2015)

The CAE Trustees have decided to wind up the Centre for Advanced Engineering Trust. The situation has developed to the point where it is clear there is no obvious way that the CAE can attract sufficient financial support from enough firms and organisations to sensibly continue as an organisation providing independent technical policy advice.

The very extensive digital archives of nearly 25 years CAE reports and newsletters will remain available and free on the Canterbury University and IPENZ web sites in due course. We thank everyone who has supported the CAE through these last two years, as we have attempted to give the CAE Trust a new life after the closure of the 'old' CAENZ trust due to the exhaustion of its Trust funds in 2011.

Richard Bentley, Chief Executive, Centre for Advanced Engineering


 Welcome to the Centre for Advanced Engineering

CAE enables a technology future...

New Zealand’s future prosperity rests with our collective ability to identify and capture sustainable export opportunities. Easier said than done, of course. We face rapidly emerging technologies, a constantly shifting global economic landscape, and an especially challenging natural environment. The pathway forward is complex, and will challenge attitudes, practices, and vested interests. Independent and informed scrutiny can be hard to come by.

The same applies to our willingness to share knowledge. At grass roots, New Zealanders are natural sharers but this quality isn’t always reflected in our larger structures. Many industries, businesses, government departments and academic institutions continue to originate and implement in silos. Cross-pollination of ideas and applied learning across these sectors remains the exception rather than the rule.

To ensure this country has the most effective tools to deliver future prosperity, we need to apply the right minds to the most appropriate, pressing issues. This is where the Centre for Advanced Engineering fulfils a valuable role, by focusing astute national and international minds from a wide range of disciplines onto issues critical to our future wellbeing.

A not-for-profit organisation, the Centre for Advanced Engineering offers an independent, non-partisan viewpoint. This ensures issues are always evaluated on a ‘best-for-New Zealand’ basis. The Centre’s global awareness of emerging technology is used to champion change, encourage nationwide debate and transform ideas into workable solutions. The Centre for Advanced Engineering is about harnessing the power of connected minds.


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